I am Nadine Robinson

I’m an international bestselling author, expert in women’s holistic health, an exceptional energy healer and gifted navigator of life.

But more than that I am a Wild Medicine Woman!

What's a Wild Medicine Woman?

Well, there is no right answer. That’s part of the wildness. But for me? I don’t always follow the rules. I’m not afraid to think for myself. I’m untamed. Unabashed. Powerful. Passionate. Fierce. I live my life in embodied love.

That’s my definition of a wild medicine woman. And guess what? If you’re here, you already know you’re a little like me!

I’m not afraid to be different.  I trust my soul and my inner knowing. I have the confidence that I can handle any storm that comes my way. I enjoy taking risks because they have given me joy, insights and growth that I could never have imagined.

I will guide you to cultivate and embody your soul-filled and passionate life and discover your true self

Ok, so what's the deal?

check this out

I will help you

All of your soul lessons can be a launchpad for...

All of your soul lessons can be a launchpad for unshakable confidence, potent and nourishing relationships and a blissful, soul-inspired and passionate life.

We need to embrace these lessons, these learnings because these events have all played a crucial part in shaping our own stories.

Take the time to stop and envision where your life could lead to now if you truly knew yourself. Not just the self that shows up each morning, but the inner you, the you that defines your very being. The you that wants to live the soulful and happy life you know you deserve.

I can help you to be that “you”. The you that you know is there but has been hidden as everyday life swirls around you.

I’m living the life of my dreams, let me help you live yours

"Nadine is a magnificent woman with tremendous gifts. She is kind, full of love and wisdom, and offers an emotionally safe environment for healing without judgment that will nourish your soul. She offers a one of a kind experience with loads of knowledge - a fantastic energetic experience"
Calgary, AB