Are you ready take full responsibility and finally address the things that keep you up at night?

Are you committed to saying “I will no longer accept this pain and suffering and I believe I can transform my life?”

I only work with deeply passionate women who are here to change the world. You know you can have it all. And you need a sacred and private healing container that is uniquely curated to you. You aren’t looking for more coaching. You want transformative experiences that will give you the breakthrough and healing you are looking for.

I only work with a few select clients each year.  

You MUST apply to work with me. 

Who should apply:

  • Women who are leaders in their industry and who think outside the box
  • Highly successful women who want privacy and deep trust to do this work
  • Thought leaders who are ready to face the things they don’t speak about
  • Authentic women who truly want to see themselves thrive
  • Motivated CEO’s who inspire others and are ready to have it all
  • People who want radical transformation that is as unique as they are
  • Women who know their best investment is in themselves

These curated packages are something you cannot get anywhere else in the world.

When we work together we take a dive deep into your mindset, your past, and your experiences and unearth your full potential. 

I will support you with actionable items, soul inspiration and radical insights so you can empower yourself and be the true author of your happiness.

There is one expert in the room when we work together, and it’s not me.

You’ve got EVERYTHING you need to create your amazing life. I will help you know it, heal it and embody it.


apply to work with Nadine

This is your invitation to the radical healing space. It’s a 1 hour call where we discuss if this is the right space for you to do this work. 

**Booking this call does not mean you will be accepted to work with Nadine. All payments are non-refundable.**

I want to book a discovery call

60 minutes for us to chat about who you are and where you are going. Private, confidential and transformational.

** Booking this call does not mean you will be accepted to work with Nadine. All payments are non-refundable.**

Interested in training?

Look no further than Wild Medicine Healer’s Training. This is for you if you want to understand how energy medicine, plant wisdom and ritual can help you. It’s for women who are committed to their healing and growth and see it as a lifelong journey, not a destination.