Welcome Wild One!

Healer’s Training is only for people who are committed to the path of wholeness, wellness and their own growth. This training is for you if:

You may have taken courses on chakras, reiki, meditation or yoga. All of those teachings will support you as you surrender to the calling of your soul.

This teaching is Big. Wild. Vulnerable

I will share with you the most ethical, comprehensive and empowering healing modality I have ever encountered.


I have spent my life learning and working with these teachings.
Now I am wildly happy to be sharing them with you.
Respond to the call.
The world needs YOUR medicine.

When you take the 2-year Wild Medicine
Healer’s Training you will learn

You may have been told you have a gift

You may have been told you have a gift. You have a feeling in your soul. The Healer’s Path is calling you. 

Are you ready to share your medicine with the world?

Maybe you have spent time learning and honing your healing skills and want to take the next step and to advance your knowledge.

Are you at a point where you think that you are “not ready, not good enough, not pure enough, not “healed” enough, to share your knowledge?”

Are you passionate about your happiness, your gratitude, health, wellness and bliss?

Then this training is for you

Our Happy Clients!

“The (Energy Healing) program is packed with years of Nadine’s personal experience and knowledge. She has her program put together in a thought provoking and practical-practicing format. She meets you where you are. Her authenticity and compassion are both uplifting and empowering. Thank you Nadine!”