These paths will nourish you to grow and hone your intuitive gifts and abilities and teach you how to safely share this medicine space with others.

Year One Includes

  • Chakras, their higher and lower aspects and how to work with them
  • Intuition Development and Enhancement
  • Plant Medicines, Wisdom and their Spiritual Meanings
  • Drum Dreaming and Non-Ordinary Reality
  • Ancestral Wisdom and Healing
  • Shadow Work
  • Understanding Karma
  • Animal Archetypes and Animism
  • Your Dominant Chakra and Soul Path
  • Spirit Guides and Soul Council
  • Energy Healing (for yourself and others)
  • Ritual, The 4 Directions (Celtic Teachings) and Earth Living
  • The Energetic Body and How to work with it
  • Spiritual Laws and Teachings

Choose your path for Year One

The Healer's Path

only 40 spots available per year

The Unbound Alchemist

only 10 spots available per year

Completion of Year 1 of The Healer’s Path or The Unbound Alchemist offers the opportunity to continue to Year 2 of Wild Medicine Healer’s Training. You MUST complete Year 1 to be eligible to apply for Year 2.