Year 2 of the Wild Medicine Healing Training

Completion of Year 1 of the Healer’s Path or The Unbound Alchemist offers the opportunity to continue to Year 2 of Wild Medicine Healer’s Training. 


You MUST complete Year 1 to be eligible to apply for Year 2.

Year Two Includes

Woven into the fabric of the year will be Cultivating an Ethical Business and Healing Imposter Syndrome.

Healer’s who have completed the 2 Year Healer’s Training will have the opportunity to meet with me, go through the vetting process and be considered for part of my Wild Medicine Healers Team!

Our Happy Clients!

"You have great medicine to share, that I feel humbled to walk with you. Within our dominate culture these medicines of the soul have been misplaced and your teachings give a tangible way for people to heal themselves and their communities. I express my gratitude for sparking a place that brings my soul back into longing"